Breakthrough To Your Truth



Working with one of our certified ‘Sacred Warriors Of Power’ you are healed from your darkness into your truth, the process is gentle yet powerful and is most definitely life-changing.

N.J. Academy is created and founded by Nicki Jane.

Nicki truly believes that everybody has the power and knowledge within to heal themselves, this is so powerful because when we know how to access this we no longer search or need for anything outside of us ever again, we no longer live in fear or settle for anything less than we know we deserve, we have peace, joy, and happiness – We have ultimate freedom.

NJ Academy has been designed for anyone that is ready to step out of the darkness and into the light, into their beautiful truth.

So what makes it so different?

It has 3 grades that you can opt in to, choosing either to go one by one and see how you feel as you go or if you know exactly what you want then you can say yes to all 3 from the start and be complete in as little as 24 weeks. Below is an outline of each grade.

Inner Power



Once you have broken through your darkness with one of our certified Sacred Warriors and you are living in your truth, living in your light, and life starts to change for you in amazing ways N J Academy offers you the next step of truly mastering yourself, meaning that any limits, new blockages, or emotions that come up that try to stop you continuing to move forward, because life is always challenging us as we grow and evolve) you are shown how you can move through these blocks BY YOURSELF.

How much more powerful will you feel knowing whatever is thrown at you, you are able to clear within yourself, move past and learn from, so you can easily continue forward with your life’s purpose with even more self-awareness and clarity?  Instead of the block capping what you truly deserve.

NJ Academy believes in you and guides you to believe in yourself at every moment that you can do this healing by yourself, you create your life, create your world, clear your own way and live fulfilled


Certified "Sacred Warrior of Power"

Have you always had a love for helping others, you naturally know how to support and guide people that are in your life?  People come to you for answers and they often say how much you’ve helped them?

How would you like to have the powerful tools to add to your natural gifts so you can really help others? To bring them to this place of peace that you now experience after going though grades #1 and #2. How would you like to make a career of this?

Nicki Jane will personally show you how to support others out of their darkness and into their light, how to clear their blocks for them, how to empower them and guide them on their own personal journey, you will then get certified as a ‘Sacred Warrior Of Power’ and be supported until you are confident.

 At NJ Academy we especially love and appreciate that everyone has their own story and own way of leading, so we show you how to confidently work with others while still being yourself, and we encourage your uniqueness, there is only one you and you will attract certain clients that are perfect for you, clients who resonate with your story and can feel your compassion for their situation. 

 How do you know if you are a potential ‘Sacred Warrior Of Power’?

We believe you are born this, N J Academy is here to bring out your very own power and live the Sacred Warrior that you already are.  We do this by clearing away all the layers of conditioning that are not yours, the restrictions, the limits, the negatives, the addictions, the self-sabotaging behaviors, the habits that keep you small, the blockages and get you fully out of that hypnotic drifting of life, and swop it to have you fully create your own life,  and that’s the power of grades #1 and #2.


Sacred Warrior of Power

The Warrior seeks love as their leader and wisdom as their guide. They question authority and respect only what is shown to be wise and true. Warriors know what is true in their own hearts and they refuse to be conditioned by mass consciousness into fear, apathy, complacency or overwhelm and despair. They have enormous positive energy within and a passionate desire for meaningful contribution. Warriors bring the truth out of the darkness and are the wise guides showing the way to a future that is bright and honoring of life.

The warrior rises up as a believer, a rebel, a fighter, and an optimist, with trust in the power of healing and divine spirit, they embrace their own healing process, knowing that as they do so they will be increasingly empowered as a catalyst for healing change in the world too.

Where those in fear may deny difficult truths, the warriors say “okay, this is happening, what are we going to do about it? How can we combine our abilities, knowledge, and skills to do something creative and amazing with this opportunity for healing?” They are spiritual, they are practical they are solution creators and they willingly invite divine love to assist them every step of the way. 

Combining the wisdom of the divine feminine and the strength of the divine masculine to sanctify and defend what matters most, warriors are the pioneers of the new world. They are our hope for our future.


In conclusion, they are the bright lights, the holy hustlers, the creative visionaries and the sacred guardians of the soul.

they are you and me

I was told about Nicki by friends of mine who’d been working with her over the last year or so for various areas of their life. After listening to their reviews I thought it time for me to give her a call to see if she’d work with me to help me find “why I’m here” in this life.

After our initial telephone call to discuss what was happening with me, we arranged to meet and commence some inner work.


All I can say is “wow”. My life has changed dramatically since undertaking grade 1 of NJ academy. I’ve learned things about myself I didn’t even know were blocking me from moving forward, things that have been there all my life, the norm……..but in reality, these were things actually holding me back.

One key issue for me in my journey was the wanting to eradicate alcohol from my life once and for all. I’ve had a relationship with alcohol all my adult life, even most of my early younger teenage years too.

4 weeks have gone by since my last session working with Nicki, and not once have I even considered having an alcoholic beverage, not even an urge as a reward after a hard day’s work. It’s like she flicked a switch and that was it, I still find this quite uncomprehend able to know-how.

Moving forward I’m excited to continue working with Nicki and NJ academy to allow me to become the best version of myself.