Breakthrough To Your Truth


Have you been on self-help retreats, been to psychologists, tried to be positive in your life, read mindset books, even been on anti-depressants and still you feel that painful self-sabotaging, doubting, limited, fear-based behavior is still there? you still don’t understand what needs to happen for you to just feel happy and at peace with yourself?

Do you have addictions you can’t stop, yet so badly want to?

Are you sick of feeling depressed or anxious?

If any of this feels relatable then I’m so pleased that you are here because this is exactly what  “Breaking Through Darkness to Truth” has been created for, it’s here for you to clear all of your old beliefs and behaviors away so you can find peace, happiness, joy and a sense of purpose and know of who you really are, and to have you see and believe you get to create the life you desire We are not your thoughts or behaviors, that is not the truth, as much as we believe our thoughts, I’m here to show you differently if you’re truly ready for the change.


Grade #1 Breaking Through Darkness to Truth is an 8-week process where we work one on one together to get you your results, either via video calls or face to face.  The amazing changes that you are going feel after only a few hours with me are then integrated over the 8 weeks, I’m here for you to help you transition into this new way of seeing your life because it is totally life-changing, and I know how powerful having that support, that mentor by your side is, and makes for your journey to be a lot smoother.

Throughout the 8weeks we cover everything that is an issue for you, and along with clearing away all the negative emotions in your life, I’m here to give you all the powerful knowledge and tools that you have been looking for, that are going to help you understand and be able to keep life moving forward on your terms, showing you how to use your new tools so you know you are the master of your own mind. 

What must you do now?

I can help you