Certified "Sacred Warrior of Power"

Do you have that natural way with people?

Do your friends come to you for advice and comfort?

Are you a great listener?

Do you love to help people?

Does this sound like you and you thrive on self-development and growth?

Here at N.J.Acadamy we have created a certification for you that gives you the tools, the skills, the knowledge, the confidence, the support,  that you need to really help those people you love, to be able to live your purpose and create massive changes in yours and their lives. 

Each one of us has amazing gifts plus we have our own life experiences which ultimately is what makes us the experts to help others that are going through similar times in their lives. My intention through this process is to really bring out all of your amazing qualities that will make you an awesome certified sacred warrior of power. I will be with you all the way until you are fully believing in yourself and what massive impact you are able to offer to people.


Do you believe you have something inside of you that is ready to come out and shine to the rest of the world and if you keep denying yourself this you are actually not doing yourself or others justice because nobody gets to see your beautiful authentic gifted self?

I’m ready to make massive changes in this world and my mission is to have as many people as I can to have the happiest experience they can while on this earth. To make massive changes I realized I needed more than just me doing this, so that is what guided me to create this.

I’m asking you to honor your calling and take this journey with yourself and me to contribute happiness and freedom to others, and then we get see the ripple effect happening in the world one by one 

Are you ready?