"I had core healing with Nicki on the weekend. Nicki is so honest, gentle and kind I felt at ease instantly and trusted in the process. When Nicki was pulling old stuck energy from my body I could actually feel it coming out I could feel it being pulled down my arm. Since the cleanse I have had a sense of calm through my whole being. I feel more connected with my body because of the old energy leaving that was not mine. Now I'm free to be me. I feel more present and at the moment more in the now. Which in turn is letting me be more connected. Everything just feels light, Like... no heavy old energy!! Have been dropping into mediation and break work a lot quicker and easier."


"Firstly, I wanted to say thank you again for the amazing experience that you gave to us. It’s a change that’s had an impact on my life and made me brighter in the way I think, feel and move. After completing the cleanse, my body shifted from a low state to a better refueled, re-energized version of myself. I am grateful for the weight that has been lifted off my shoulders that wasn’t even my weight to carry. The cleanse showed me that there was a pain I never knew was there. However, it never got the chance to latch onto me because this unwanted pain was quickly gone with the blockages now clear. It’s made me calmer and more understanding in the way I’m taking life differently and experiencing it differently. I am forever grateful for what this has done for me and what you have done. Thank you again for your time in sharing this experience."


I had been suffering from depression and anxiety for many years and on antidepressants and anxiety medication, I had seen many GP’s, counselors, a psychologist, a psychiatrist all trying to work on the mind with medication. Then I met Nicki Jane after she started up a meditation group (Women’s Awareness Group), it was like someone had thrown me a life-line and I was looking for answers. I realized I needed something different than trying to deal with the mind with medications and turned to energy healing instead.

Nicki did a Core Energy Cleansing on me to release energy blocks I had gathered over my life. It was a very spiritual process and I felt connected to spirit during the cleansing. My core energy, emotional and physical reserves were found to be very low. Nicki went through giving a reading of my life and how I had felt at each energy block and then cleared them out. I was blown away by how she described stuff of how I felt and she said things that had happened and were happening to me so I was able to connect all the dots as to why I was feeling that way and what was going on. She could feel my physical pain also and explained the life connections with those as well.

After the Core Energy Cleansing I sat up slowly and opened my eyes and I was in aw of how much peace I felt throughout myself, I felt like a light of love was shining on me, my mind was clear and I felt so in the moment and free from anxiety, I felt happy, light and free. Not only were my emotional pains gone but so were my physical pains, everything felt soft. I felt like nothing was attached to me anymore, just free to be solely me, no pressures or expectations, so light I could float, my mind so clear like I had been reborn fresh, I could finally let go and be at peace. The people at the Women’s Awareness Group noticed a big change in me like a weight had been lifted and I was happy.

I am so grateful I met Nicki Jane she is amazing and gifted and she has set me free. And my husband feels by setting me free it has set him free also. Her energy is the warmest, soft, loving bright light energy I have ever known in my life, absolute bliss. God bless you Nicki 


"Nicki came to my house for the weekend to do core energy cleansing on myself and others. I was excited to let go of old crap holding me back and a little nervous as anything new and unknown is a bit freaky. I have known Nicki for a couple of years and totally trust her as a couple of my family members have worked with her and has made such a difference in their lives. Nicki set up outside and we started the cleanse. It was very relaxing and I felt totally safe with Nicki and that whatever was going to come up, was all okay. As she was pulling old negative energy out my whole body felt like it was tingling and becoming lighter. I was crying throughout most of it as Nicki was so on point everything she said. The crying felt good it was such a release. Afterward, my whole body was filled with love and light, I felt so freaking fresh, I felt new. It’s been a week since I had the core energy cleanse and I’ve had the best week, no sadness, no getting angry for no reason. I AM HAPPY!! Nicki cleared out crap that I didn’t even know was holding me back, I feel great."